Special OLEUM Session held at 2019 AOCS annual meeting

On Monday the 6th of May, a special OLEUM session took place at the 2019 American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The theme of the session was ‘The OLEUM project advancements for a global strategy to guarantee olive oil quality and fight fraud’.The session was organised by the OLEUM project coordinator Professor Tullia Gallina Toschi from Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna, Italy and Dr Luisito Cercaci, from Pompeian Inc., USA.

The session had presentations from several OLEUM researchers and outlined the advancements OLEUM has made in creating and validating innovative analytical methods and reference materials to better guarantee the quality and authenticity of olive oil. In addition, Dr Juan Polari, from the UC Davis Olive Center, USA, gave a presentation on the experience of olive oil production and quality in the United States.

After the presentations, there was an active Q&A panel discussion about the OLEUM project and the current situation of the olive oil sector in the USA. The event was well attended with more than 100 participants in the audience, with great interaction and interest for the OLEUM project.













The presentations from the session were as follows:

Olive Oil: from Different Processing to Different Regulatory Frameworks. How to Ensure its Quality and Authenticity at a Global Level? Challenges, Gaps and Improvements Proposed by the OLEUM Project.

Tullia Gallina Toschi, Alma Mater Studiorum–Università di Bologna, Italy.

Volatile Compounds as Useful Markers for the Quality Assessment of Virgin Olive Oils.

Diego Luis García González, Instituto de la Grasa, Spain.

Use of NMR Technique in the OLEUM Project.

Torben Kuechler, Eurofins, Germany.

The OLEUM Databank: A Reference Repository for Olive Oil Quality and Authenticity.

Alain Maquet, JRC - Joint Research Centre, Belgium

The US Experience on Olive Oil Production and Quality.

Juan Polari, UC Davis Olive Center, USA.

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