The OLEUM Network for stakeholders in the olive oil sector

The OLEUM Network aims to enlarge the international body of expertise in the analysis of olive oils by congregating a wide user community of laboratories and related stakeholders active in the analysis and authentication of olive oil. After various discussions in the Oleum project meetings, it was decided that the Network will comprise of two platforms: 1) aimed at engaging with the wider olive oil interest community based on LinkedIn Groups platform; 2) aimed at the network of laboratories who have a direct interest in olive oil analysis and all the other stakeholders based on the Basecamp platform). Both platforms have now been set up. The LinkedIn group  has circa 42 members so far and the main feature of the group is currently the ‘Question of the Month’ where a member of the OLEUM project addresses common questions about olive oil quality and authenticity raised by the wider community. In the main host of the Oleum Network, Basecamp, invitations are prepared to be sent at interested parties for joining the Network. To date over 150 contacts have been identified as candidate stakeholders for joining the network. Work will continue on the structure of the Network (Basecamp subgroups setup) and populating both platforms with new members and new content.


Interested in joining the OLEUM Network? Please contact



Fig 1. Oleum LinkedIn group site. The LinkedIn website hosts a general olive oil “Question of the Month” and aims to foster wider interest in the technical aspects of olive oil.



Fig 2. The Basecamp Oleum Network site



Paul Brereton, Queen's University Belfast, OLEUM WP6 Leader