Special Sessions

OLEUM  organised the following special sessions at events.

2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo

Special session

‘Olive Oil: Innovative Analytical Strategies to Guarantee Quality and Fight Fraud; Focus on the Advancements of the EU H2020 Project OLEUM’

Monday, May 7, 10.05-12.10

Organizers: Tullia Gallina Toschi, Università di Bologna, Italy; and Luisito Cercaci, Pompeian Inc., USA


The performed OLEUM research activities and the actual project state-of play were presented in this hot-topic session, together with the expected results and impact that OLEUM will have on the quality and authenticity of olive oil at a global scale, with a particular focus on the actual situation of the olive oil sector in the USA.

The session (http://annualmeeting.aocs.org/program/special-ses- sions-x2534) was followed by many participants and arose much interest; the intervention of Selina Wang, research director of the UC Davis Olive Center and member of the OLEUM Advisory Board was very stimulating to promote an open and wide collaboration in the olive oil sector.

32nd EFFoST International Conference

November 6-9,2018

Nantes, France


Special session: Food authenticity, sensory aspects and reference materials

Wednesday, November 7, 13.30-16.30

Organizer: Tullia Gallina Toschi, Università di Bologna, Italy


In this session, the OLEUM current state-of-play and the OLEUM technologies will be presented. Additional presentations will be held with focus on food fraud and integrity and the EU perspective in the future.