Who is the OLEUM Network?

As part of the OLEUM project, a dedicated OLEUM Network has been created with the aim to enlarge the international body of expertise in the analysis of olive oils, by congregating a wide user community of laboratories and related stakeholders’ active in the analysis and authentication of olive oil. The Network also aims to transfer analytical knowledge obtained in the project to the network in a series of training courses and workshops. This means that the members of the OLEUM Network will have the possibilities to be involved in the validation process of innovative analytical methods developed in the project, as well as to participate in two OLEUM “hands-on” training workshops focused on the same innovative solutions.

In addition, the OLEUM Network will engage with other stakeholders explaining how the methods developed in the project can counter fraud and improve the quality of olive oil.

The OLEUM Network will offer participants the following:

  1. participate in the validation process of the OLEUM methods including training workshops
  2. an information portal for olive oil analysis
  3. a place where various stakeholders in the olive oil sector can share/upload their methods and discuss these methods (give feedback, share experiences)
  4. give you an overview of all laboratories/people involved in olive oil analysis
  5. inform you about upcoming events related to this field

The OLEUM network is set up in Basecamp, a trusted and secure platform used worldwide for project management and communication. If you are interested, we need you! To join the OLEUM Network you will need to set up an account in Basecamp first – JOIN NOW. Further instructions can be found here and will guide you through the registration process, explain the basics of the Basecamp OLEUM Network and some ground rules for good housekeeping. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about the OLEUM Network, please feel free to contact us (oleum@unibo.it).

There is also an OLEUM Network LinkedIn group which features the ‘Question of the Month’ with new and exciting topics updated regularly. The page is also used to communicate project activities, disseminate public project results and answer basic questions about olive oil to the general public. Please join if you haven’t done it already.