Report on the OLEUM updating workshops

The overall objective of OLEUM is to better guarantee olive oil quality and authenticity by empowering detection and fostering prevention of olive oil fraud. This overall objective is supported by three strategic objectives:

  • To develop new and/or improved analytical methods for assuring the quality and authenticity of olive oil.
  • To develop the OLEUM databank - an online integrated database of olive oil analytical methods and data related to quality and authenticity.
  • To develop and support a worldwide community of proficient analytical laboratories and other stakeholders involved in the analysis of olive oil, therefore establishing a wide OLEUM Network.

The OLEUM partners have identified four main gaps in the current knowledge that the project will address: legislation and regulation, analysis, harmonisation and coordination, consumer and market confidence.
To ensure the transfer of knowledge generated under OLEUM 3 annual updating workshops have been organised for the participation, in particular, of companies within the OLEUM Network. These were held in association with the EFFOST International Conferences for 3 consecutive years: 2017, 2018 and 2019.


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