Protocol for the production and homogeneity assessment of olive oil test materials

During the OLEUM project, different partners will be carrying out analysis of various blends of extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) with soft-deodorised olive oils (sdOOs) and blends of EVOOs or olive oils (OOs) with other vegetable oils. Interlaboratory comparisons of the results will establish the extent to which different laboratories can detect the same adulterations by applying the same methods.

A successful interlaboratory comparison depends on the production of the test materials, namely the exchanged samples. Test material production and characterisation (homogeneity testing) will rely on the established experience of Fera’s proficiency testing group, who routinely carry out interlaboratory tests for food quality parameters.

This document is a protocol for the production and homogeneity assessment of test materials as oils blended at different proportions.

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