New OLEUM publication in the MDPI Journal Foods

Sensory evaluation, carried out by panel tests, is essential for the quality classification of virgin olive oils (VOOs). Unfortunately, this process is both time-consuming and costly when many samples need to be assessed. There is a need to investigate whether sensory evaluation could be assisted by the application of alternative screening methods. In this paper, a rapid instrumental method based on the analysis of volatile molecules was consider to help assist the panel test through a fast pre-classification of samples with a known level of probability. A headspace gas chromatography-ion mobility spectrometer (HS-GC-IMS) was used to analyze 198 commercial VOOs (extra virgin, virgin and lampante) by a semi-targeted approach. The performance of this method was evaluated for its potential to support panel tests.

Valli, E., Panni, F., Casadei, E., Barbieri, S., Cevoli, C., Bendini, A., García-González, D.L. and Gallina Toschi, T., 2020. An HS-GC‐IMS Method for the Quality Classification of Virgin Olive Oils as Screening Support for the Panel Test. Foods, 9(5), p.657.