New OLEUM publication in the MDPI Journal Foods

The sensory methodology for virgin olive oils (VOOs) known as the “panel test” represents the most valuable approach to assess sensory characteristics and quality for consumer and producer protection. This paper highlights the possibilities for amelioration panel tests and describes the proficiency improvement given by formative training, and the method used to obtain sensory classified samples from analysis of a set of VOOs to be used for calibration of rapid instrumental screening methods.

Barbieri, S., Brkić Bubola, K., Bendini, A., Bučar-Miklavčič, M., Lacoste, F., Tibet, U., Winkelmann, O., García-González, D.L. and Gallina Toschi, T., 2020. Alignment and Proficiency of Virgin Olive Oil Sensory Panels: The OLEUM Approach. Foods, 9(3), p.355.