New OLEUM publication in the Journal Food Chemistry

The commercialization of declared blends of olive oil and seed oil is something long approved by the European Union. For olive oil, the percentage must be at least 50% if the producer aims to advertise its presence on the front label. However, there is currently no designated method to verify such proportion. In this article, OLEUM researchers purpose the use of decisional trees based on the greatest differences between olive and seed oils for a variety of parameters including triacylglycerols, acyclic saturated hydrocarbons, free sterols, and tocopherols.

Gómez-Coca, R.B., del Carmen Pérez-Camino, M., Martínez-Rivas, J.M., Bendini, A., Toschi, T.G. and Moreda, W., 2020. Olive oil mixtures. Part one: Decisional trees or how to verify the olive oil percentage in declared blends. Food Chemistry, 315, p.126235.