OLEUM at the 31st EFFOST International Conference

On November 14th 2017, OLEUM was presented in a special session at the 31st EFFOST International Conference in Sitges, Spain.

The objectives of the project and the first obtained results, along with an overview of the current developments on the new and improved analytical methods for ensuring the authenticity of olive oils, were presented by Tullia Gallina Toschi.

A critical review on analytical methods drawbacks, normative failure and inappropriateness with a focus on the EU regulation has been discussed by Alessandra Bendini.

Advancements on the new analytical strategies for the quality control of virgin olive oil based on the chemical characterization of aroma and the formulation of sensory reference materials have been explained by Diego Luis García González.

The results related to a promising analytical technique under development to verify the geographical origin of extra virgin olive oils by means of sesquiterpene analysis and chemometrics were discussed by Stefania Vichi.

Next steps and the state of the art towards the creation of the OLEUM Databank, which will be an online integrated quality assurance database of analytical methods, data and calibration materials related to the olive oils sensory and chemical characteristics, were also presented by Andreas Klingberg.