The OLEUM Network

Tassos Koidis, Paul Breton and Enrico Valli

Since our last communication, the OLEUM Network is growing steadily both in terms of content and membership. We are now 120 members in our OLEUM Basecamp platform (18% up) and 164 members (21%) in OLEUM ‘Question of the Month’, our LinkedIn network. We have published 3 extra Q&As (Q1: True or False? Heating Olive Oil leads to the production of trans fatty acids. Q2: What is remolido oil? Q3: Is cold pressed EVOO always superior to regular VOO?).  It was a busy period for some of the OLEUM members conducting the method validation studies that ended just before Christmas. Those members working in private and public testing laboratories, like Jorge from Sovena, found very useful that they could freely access the training material from the two OLEUM workshops that took place in Spain (Oct 19) and Italy (Dec 19) from the Resources of the OLEUM Network. Also, many new students joined the Network lately, like Gabriela from the University of Cordoba, Spain, who wrote: “I needed information about olive oil to prepare my final year MSc project and especially, about the gas chromatography technique for classification of olive oil in the three categories, extra virgin, virgin and lampante. I finished my work in October 2020, but I am currently waiting the evaluation to enter to a PhD programme in the same University”. Since the recent announcement of the OLEUM Final Conference, the Networks in also getting a lot of new attention with daily sign ups. We, the people of the OLEUM project, have a lot of ideas about the future of the OLEUM Network going beyond the official end of the project. But first and foremost, we would love to hear your opinion. Join the Network (for LinkedIn here). If you are interested to hear what was discussed about the next moves of the Network in the OLEUM final conference, please check the conference recording here!