Food Integrity 2017: state-of-play and project advancements presented in Parma

The latest advancements and deliverables that have been achieved during the first nine months of the project were presented by the project coordinator Prof Tullia Gallina Toschi at the Food Integrity 2017 conference, on 11 May in Parma, Italy.


The presentation addressed the following points:

  • An update on ongoing work on identifying gaps in the normative framework, analytical method drawbacks and emerging frauds (WP2)
  • A description of the whole sampling procedure, experimental design and objective focused on the development of innovative and revised analytical solutions addressing olive oil quality (WP3), and authenticity (WP4) issues, including the development of a Quantitative Panel Test.
  • Advancements towards development of the OLEUM databank. A survey on existing databases on olive germplasm and compositional data on olive oil has been conducted and a knowledge database is under construction (WP5)
  • Progress towards designing and establishing the OLEUM Network (WP6)
  • Activities related to dissemination and communication of project outcomes including development of a graphic identity and website, establishment of the Multistakeholder Advisory Board and finalisation of the initial data management plan.

The Food Integrity project is coordinated by one of the OLEUM partners, Paul Brereton, Head of Agri-Food Research at Fera Science Ltd. More information can be found on the project website.