15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

OLEUM project partners presented at the 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress held in Uppsala, Sweden from 27-30 August 2017.


Professor Tullia Gallina Toschi presented the progress of the OLEUM project after one year.











Professor Lanfranco Conte from University of Udine gave a presentation on the topic: Comparison between different norms & standards dealing with Olive Oils Purity and Quality Assessment.











Professor Maria Tsimidou from AUTH University presented on the topic: Toward a Harmonized and Standardized Protocol for the Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Virgin Olive Oil.











Other presentations by the project partners included:

Shelf Life of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with different Phenolic and Oleic Acid Content Stored in the Dark
S. Esposto, G. Veneziani, A. Taticchi, S. Urbani,  B. Sordini, R. Selvaggini, D. García González, T. Gallina Toschi, M. Servili.

Advances for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Quality of Virgin Olive Oil: In the Search of Reference Materials
D.L. García González, T. Gallina Toschi, I. Romero, N. Tena, E. Valli, O. Winkelmann, P. Brereton, F. Lacoste, A. Maquet, S. Vichi, L. Conte, A. Bendini.

Flash Gas Chromatography Electronic Nose as a Potential Tool for Rapid Sensory Screening of Virgin Olive Oils
S. Barbieri, E. Valli, A. Bendini, O. Winkelmann, F. Lacoste, M. Bučar-Miklavčič, K. Brkić  Bubola, U. Tibet, D. García González, T. Gallina Toschi.

Tailored Sample Preparation for Olive Oil Analysis by 1H-NMR: Applications in Sensory Evaluation and Origin Classification
O. Winkelmann, T. Küchler, A. Bendini, D. Garcia Gonzalez, T. Gallina Toschi.

Decoding the “Fusty, Muddy Sediment” and “Musty” off-Flavour of Olive Oils using the Sensomics Approach in Combination with Statistical Analysis
A Neugebauer, M. Granvogl, P. Schieberle.

Charged Aerosol Detection for LC Analysis of Triglycerides: A Novel Tool for Extra-virgin Olive Oil Characterization
L. Conte, P. Lucci, S. Moret, F. Buchino, E. Moret, C. Conchione, W. Moreda, T. Gallina Toschi.

Improving of HS-SPME-GC-MS Quantitation of Volatile Compounds in Virgin Olive Oils by Multiple Internal Standard Normalization
L. Cecchi, , M. Migliorini, M. Fortini, C. Cherubini,  L. Calamai.

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